When faced with multiple challenges regarding the structure and aesthetics of a home, the project becomes very extensive. It’s not just a simple removal and installation. Such is the case of our latest feature project in Denver, NC. The home had enormous failures in its materials and extreme moisture and termite damage. Stay tuned to find out what we did and how we did it, making this home safe and beautiful.

Synthetic Stucco Allowed Water Penetration

You don’t find too many stucco homes in the southeast. However, this home had a synthetic stucco exterior, which caused tremendous problems. There was significant water damage. Moisture continuously seeped in and made the home unstable. After removing the damaged stucco, we then replaced the deck band, 30 feet of the house band, floor joist tips, the subfloor, and numerous studs. As you can see in one of the before pictures, everybody, including the homeowner’s granddaughter, was glad to say goodbye to the stucco!

On top of the water damage, termites had also infested the home. They were inactive by the time we were on the job. Still, their previous presence was a contributor to the structural challenges.

Once all the old stucco was gone and the repairs made, we installed Hardie® Plank siding. As we’ve discussed before, Hardie® Plank is a hardy, durable material comprised of fiber cement. It’s waterproof and resistant to all insects. The troubles the homeowners experienced before will never be an issue with this superior siding. Additionally, it won’t bow, crack, or react to temperature changes. It also needs no regular maintenance.

The gray-blue color chosen offers the home a modern yet timeless style that would catch any passerby’s attention. Most of the home features horizontal lap siding. For visual interest, the area over the garage has a board and batten horizontal installation.

Window and Door Replacements Boost Function and Design

The siding replacement was only the first part of the job. We also replaced numerous windows, the front entry doors, back door, and sliding glass doors. These areas of a structure are critical to energy efficiency and security. Not having high-quality, functional windows impacts a home’s ability to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, if windows and doors don’t function as they should, it could be a safety concern.

Roof Repairs Complete the Job

The last part of the project was working on the roof. First, we removed the old chimney, as it was causing problems, too. We then sealed the area to prevent any future leaks. The home also had skylights, which weren’t offering any benefits. The homeowner wanted them removed to improve the appearance. Those areas were repaired and sealed, as well, to ensure the future stability of the roof.

One House, Lots of Issues, and Innovative Solutions

This project shows how many exterior problems one house can have. The siding, windows, doors, and roof all needed work. The job was also just as much about improving the structure as the appearance. At Belk Builders, we use innovative materials and our extensive experience to develop solutions that meet customer needs for quality, performance, and aesthetics. If you’re dealing with similar issues, then we should talk. Contact us today at 704-400-4710.

Kent Frerichs, owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, owner Belk Builders