Chip and Joanna Gaines are fans of Hardie® Plank lap siding. So much so, in fact, that they have announced a new collaboration with the fiber cement siding innovator.

gable end detail matthews siding replacement Hardie® Plank board and batten

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Chip said, “We’ve always been really proud of the reality that we can put James Hardie® siding on a project and know that 20 years later, we still feel a lot of pride in it instead of feeling like we have to shade our eyes because we’re embarrassed of how it looks years later.

Simplifying The Home Exterior Renovation Decision Process With 16 Colors

Being a huge fan of Hardie® Plank Fiber Cement Lap Siding for home renovation and home improvement projects, Kent Frerichs, Owner Of Belk Builders is excited about expanding his material repertoire under the auspices of these HGTV home impresarios.

Kent Frerichs knows that the Gaines’ dedication is strong behind the new “Timeless” collection. All 16 timeless colors were selected by Joanna herself.

Why Hardie® Plank?

The Magnolia Home | James Hardie® Collection was founded on the premise that James Hardie® is the benchmark for the fiber cement industry.

  • The new line comes in two beautiful textures, Smooth and Select Cedarmill®.
  • There are 3 product styles to choose from: Panel, Shingle, and Plank.
  • As for colors, the family of 16 Joanna selected are:

magnolia bloom

  1. Midnight Soot
  2. Rugged Path
  3. Rustic Road
  4. Dried Eucalyptus
  5. Last Embers
  6. Warm Clay
  7. Stone Paver
  8. It’s About Thyme
  9. Peppery Ash
  10. Chiseled Green
  11. Birch Tree
  12. Slate Steps
  13. Stone Beach
  14. Weathered Cliffs
  15. Wandering Green
  16. Mudflats

Why Belk Builders?

Belk Builders is one of Charlotte and South Charlotte’s best kept secrets among discriminating homeowners. We specialize in upscale siding replacement and installation, window and door upgrades and replacement, as well as roofing — and much more!

Installation of Hardie® Shingle Staggered Shingles by Belk Builders

To his credit, Kent Frerichs, owner of Belk Builders, is all about curb appeal, specializing in Hardie® Plank siding.

Kent knows that the more attractive the exterior of your home, the more curb appeal it has. This goes beyond the architectural style of your house and encompasses various capital improvements that you might have made while living there, including things such as:

  • Your home’s window style and quality
  • The color and quality of your exterior paint and/or siding
  • The quality of your roof
  • The style of your front door
  • Additional exterior features like a front or side/rear porch

For A Closer Look, Just Connect With Kent Right Here

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Kent Frerichs, owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, owner Belk Builders