Charlotte Hardie® Plank Siding Replacement ContractorOver the years, Belk Builders has had hundreds of Queen City homeowners reach out to us for assistance in repairing, updating or improving the look of their home. Some of these projects are a necessity either due to the age of the home or because of damage sustained to the home’s exterior…while others are born from the sheer desire of a homeowner to improve the overall look of their residence. No matter what your need may be–windows, siding, roofing or even more–Belk Builders strives to make the extra effort to make your home exterior the absolute best it can be.

We love it when a plan comes together

One of our most current plans all began when the owners of a South Charlotte home just off Park Road contacted us to replace half of their Hardie® Plank siding. The previous owner had added onto the home, and the current homeowners were interested in having the whole left side of the exterior covered in Hardie® Plank replacement siding to give their home a more cohesive look. The ultimate goal was to make the addition seamlessly flow into the design of to the existing home….as if it was part of the original house plan.

Charlotte Hardie® Plank Siding Replacement Contractor

Working with the homeowner to bring their vision to life, we began our plan to pull the addition and the original structure together by removing the existing exterior material, professionally installing the Hardie® Plank siding and then painting the entire house. While working on the project, the homeowner had several discussions with Kent regarding the improvement of the home’s curb appeal.

Belk Builders Cedar Trellis Installation over South Charlotte garageSpecifically, the homeowner was interested in adding pizazz to the front facade of the home. We suggested a trellis installation over the garage to add character and charm. For the look and feel the homeowner desired a higher end, top quality solid cedar trellis with milled bracing plus hand-sanded and sewn details fit the bill.  To complete the original objective of an overall cohesive exterior, the trellis included design elements that reflect the trim on the home, while the texture and color of the cedar nicely complement the home’s exterior.

VOILA…as you can see from these pictures, the whole project is successfully completed. The homeowners are very pleased and plan to add a climbing, flowering vine to add even more finesse!

Belk Builders Cedar Trellis Installation over South Charlotte garage

Belk Builders Cedar Trellis Installation over South Charlotte garage

The new Hardie® Plank siding installation with the full exterior paint update and new trellis look incredible and collectively show the expertise of Belk Builders in improving the curb appeal of your home. What we do goes beyond JUST replacing the siding, windows or roof – we are master craftsman of home improvement and design and work very hard to make the final product of each project something that not only we are proud of, but something that fully satisfies the homeowner.

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

Belk Builders is your premier choice for exterior home projects in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, not matter how small or large. Contact us at (704) 400-4710 or visit our website today to learn more, or schedule a free estimate, you’ll be glad you did!


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