Hardie® Trim boards provide a finished look

The difference is in our attention to detail.

“Success is the sum of details“, according to Harvey Firestone. As one-third of the Millionaires’ Club, Firestone, along with Henry Ford and Thomas Edison was widely thought to be one of the three leaders in American industry. Considering this fact along with his incredible success in the tire and rubber industry, as a businessman myself, I tend to take his words to heart. It is our attention to detail for our clients’ upscale window replacement, roofing and most especially, siding replacement which makes Belk Builders the premier complete home exterior company in the Charlotte area.

Notice how Belk Builders finishes even the tiniest details with quality workmanship.

Notice how Belk Builders finishes even the tiniest details with quality workmanship.

If you are considering the replacement of your home’s existing siding, or an exterior upgrade, selecting a contractor with a comprehensive background in the art of bringing a home’s exterior back to life is vital for a successful project. As the Queen City’s leading qualified Hardie® Plank installation company, Belk Builders has over 25 years of experience in reviving home exteriors down to finest detail. Offering vinyl siding from manufacturers like Alside, Crane, Kaycan or Mastic along with Hardie® Plank fiber cement premium siding, we’re able to use special trim pieces around dormers, in corners and for detail work such as boxed out areas around lighting fixtures, hosepipe spigots, and utility connections with optimum beauty and long-lasting high performance.

Details of Hardie® Siding project in Ridgeway SC by Belk Builders

Details of Hardie® Siding project in Ridgeway, SC, by Belk Builders.

We go that extra mile, paying close attention to soffits, fascia, corner boards and other special trim pieces because they provide unity and cover the rough edges and ends of the siding panels, giving your home a more finished look while protecting it from the elements. Examples include undersill trim which is installed under windowsills or other horizontal ledges and J-channel which receives the ends of siding panels where they abut windows, doors or other walls. These items are the signature touches which unify the exterior architectural elements of your home, while giving it a more polished look and are just a few of the ways Belk Builders has become a leader in this industry.

Unfortunately, many contractors can’t ( and won’t) be bothered with the detailed, finish areas of your home’s exterior, so they use lower quality materials or skip these areas all together in order to complete the project quickly or cut their costs…while still charging you full price. Rest assured, that is not how we do business. We use our proven processes and best practices to carefully evaluate your entire exterior renovation, ensuring all areas in need of replacement are addressed in the same manner, giving you a finished project in which you can be proud for many years to come.

Notice the details of this window replacement in Waxhaw

Notice the details of this window replacement in Waxhaw, NC. We install insulation around windows before installation of the exterior trim. Other companies simply trim the outside only, we go the extra mile on every project we do!

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

When you choose Belk Builders for your exterior facelift project you get peace of mind in knowing your job will be completed right the first time by a local, Charlotte family owned business. Belk Builders is your complete home exterior company, providing the highest quality upscale replacement windows, roofing, siding and more with an unsurpassed attention to detail.  If you are ready to learn the true potential of your home’s exterior, contact us at (704) 400-4710 or www.belkbuilders.com. You can also visit our website today to learn more, or schedule a free estimate.