Have you recently adjusted your thermostat or broken out the socks and sweaters? Maybe you have added an extra blanket when it is time for slumber? Maybe you have opted for a cup of hot chocolate instead of iced tea at the end of the workday? If you live in the Charlotte area, I am certain your day-to-day has been influenced by the recent drop in temperatures. Keep in mind, we are not the only beings affected by cooler temperatures — now is the time when wildlife residing near areas of our home will begin to try to find a way into your humble abode in an effort to keep warm too!

One of the main reasons people flock to the Carolinas to live is because of its beautiful natural settings. The same things that make our area such a desirable place for people, also make it desirable to abundant wildlife. The key to reaching a happy medium with our beautiful surroundings is remembering that Carolina wildlife resides in the very woods and thickets that back up to our schools, businesses and neighborhoods. It is important to realize the probability of wildlife attempting to gain entry into our homes, where it is warm and dry, to hibernate, nest and bear young.  As the superior species, it is our job to make sure our homes cannot be penetrated to ensure the safety and well-being of our families, our pets, and to avoid damage to our homes on a structural level.

Homeowners can solve most nuisance wildlife issues by investigating what might be attracting wildlife. Placing birdseed, suet cakes, peanuts and field corn in your yard to attract song birds, chipmunks and squirrels can also attract foxes, raccoons, opossums, mice, rats and even snakes. Discourage the unwanted wildlife by removing all food sources from your property for a while. Do not feed your pets outdoors, and make certain that your trash and recycling containers are properly enclosed and wildlife tamperproof. Don’t forget to clean the drip can on your grill frequently too. It is also important to inspect areas of your home’s exterior that may serve, or could serve, as a way to gain entry into your home. This is especially important as autumn arrives and when weather turns cooler, this is when Belk Builders receives the most requests from homeowners who suspect wildlife has already entered their attic, or other areas of the home.

Your home can provide sanctuary for wild animals in the form of shelter and cover. There are many ways critters can enter. Some of the things to look for around your home  include an overhanging branch(es) which can provide access to a roof. In addition, the tree itself may be used as a refuge. An uncapped chimney or broken vent can provide access to warm, dry living quarters. Any gap in the area between the soffit and fascia will invite wildlife to enter. Entry for small mammals can also occur where wiring or pipes enter the house and vents are uncapped. Areas where doors are improperly fitted, ground-level window sills, foundations, and bulkhead doors that have gaps are another way for wildlife to gain entry.

Much of the reason wildlife is able to penetrate your home’s exterior and gain entry is from inconsistencies in the exterior itself. For example, many companies entail the use of 2 x 6’s in the roof truss of a home only to use a 1 x 6 on the fascia board. This leaves about a 1″ to 1.5″ gap open for wildlife to enter. Belk Builders instills quality standards on each of our siding replacements which means we use a 1 x 8 (instead of a 1 x 6) when installing the fascia for our Hardie® Plank projects, and with our vinyl projects we tuck the material under to ensure there are no gaps which could serve as an entrance to nuisance wildlife.

Racoon damage caused to roof on home in South Charlotte

Racoon damage caused to roof on home in South Charlotte.

OUR way is cohesive and leaves NO way for unwanted critters to invade!

Belk Builders is no stranger to exterior home damage inflicted by our furry friends and even nuisance insects. We specialize in providing the highest quality vinyl siding and trim, premium roofing replacement and window replacement to our customers to help minimize possible damage inflicted to your home’s exterior. In addition we are the Charlotte area’s premier Hardie® Plank siding installer. Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding withstands termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and woodpeckers ensuring your home’s exterior remains damage free.

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

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