South Charlotte Hardie® Plank Sierra 8 installation

South Charlotte home siding replaced with Hardie® Plank Sierra 8 vertical siding.

This year in the Charlotte area, average daily temperatures have been very inconsistent. Temperatures may reach close to 70 one day and near freezing the next. Temperature variances can also lead to an earlier-than-normal appearance of insects we normally see in the spring and summer months, leaving them searching for refuge from the sudden cold temperatures. Many times insects will bore into your home’s exterior and tunnel into the siding as a way to escape the cold and nest. One of our most recently completed projects in South Charlotte is a good example of how insects will take advantage of inconsistencies in your home’s exterior to make a warm, welcoming home for themselves.

When we initially met with these South Charlotte homeowners, the existing siding on their home looked like nothing short of a battleground. Not only were woodpeckers causing extensive damage to the cedar siding which covered the home, carpenter bees had also become a huge problem as well. The siding was riddled with burrow holes caused by the pesky insects. The homeowner’s had even installed streamers to the exterior of their home in an effort to halt the damage the bees were causing.

carpenter-bee-1047890_640Carpenter bee damage is very common in North Carolina. According to an article posted by the NC State University Department of Entomology, “Carpenter bees are large, black and yellow bees frequently seen in spring hovering around the eaves of a house or the underside of a deck or porch rail. They are most often mistaken for bumble bees, but differ in that they have a black shiny tail section.The carpenter bee is so-called because of its habit of excavating tunnels in wood with its strong jaws. The round half-inch diameter entrance holes are usually found on the underside of a board. A tell-tale trace of coarse sawdust is often found on the surface beneath the hole. Wooden decks, overhangs and other exposed wood on houses are prime targets. Painted and treated woods are less preferred, but they are by no means immune to attack.”

South Charlotte home outfitted with "streamers" to deter woodepeckers and carpenter bees

South Charlotte home outfitted with “streamers” to deter woodpeckers and carpenter bees.

Upon inspecting the exterior of the residence, Belk Builders suggested replacement of the home’s existing siding with a product that would still maintain the rustic look they enjoyed while eliminating the probability of further damage from the carpenter bees and woodpeckers. Hardie® Plank Sierra 8 series features a combination of texture and linear detail that adds dimension without being too fussy–which is exactly the look the customers’ craved. We moved ahead with removal of the existing siding and installed Hardie® Plank Sierra 8 vertical siding. We also painted the siding in the color of the homeowner’s choice.

Additionally, Sierra 8 vertical siding is impervious to damage that can be caused by insects and nuisance creatures that can wreak havoc on some types of siding. Such as wood, OSB or wood-composite siding can be pecked by birds and devoured by insects. Hardie® fiber cement siding offers little appeal to critters and won’t be eaten by termites. So you can focus on the animals in your life that actually make you happy, instead of causing a headache!

Before Belk Builders began project:

South Charlotte Sierra 8 Installation by Belk Builder

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

Belk Builders has been helping homeowners in the Queen City protect their homes from the nuisance insects and their predators can create for more than 25 years. We are the Charlotte area’s premier Hardie® Plank siding installer and we specialize in providing the highest quality vinyl siding and trim, premium roofing replacement and window replacement to our customers, defending your home’s exterior from the harm carpenter bees, termites, carpenter ants and even woodpeckers cause. Contact us at (704) 400-4710 or You can also visit our website today to learn more, or schedule a free estimate.

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