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It is important to choose a contractor that has your best interests in mind and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the important details are treated as such.

If you are considering replacement of your home’s existing siding, or an exterior upgrade, the old saying “the devil’s in the details” certainly rings true. It is important to choose a contractor that has your best interests in mind and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the important details are treated as such. When it comes to the detailed, finish areas of your home’s exterior, many contractors will skimp on the quality of materials or skip these areas all together in order to complete the project quickly or to save a buck. Not at Belk Builders! We carefully evaluate your entire exterior renovation to ensure all areas in need of replacement are addressed in the same manner, and with our best practices philosophy, as your home’s siding. Two of the most commonly neglected areas of importance on your home are the soffits and fascia.

Why Soffits Are Important:

Soffits must first be designed and installed properly. One of the most important factors, and reason behind this, is to ensure proper ventilation. Proper ventilation helps reduce heat build-up in the summer and when humid conditions occur. If soffits are not ventilated, they will also cause the formation of ice dams at the eaves during the winter. As the attic warms from the house heat, it allows the roof surface to melt snow, frost or ice, which then runs down into the colder eave surfaces and freezes back again. This creates an ice dam that allows water to work its way back into the walls and ceilings of the house. Venting both the attic with eave vents and the soffit with vent systems increases air circulation and prevents this problem.

Beautiful exteriors courtesy of Belk Builders

Beautiful exterior courtesy of Belk Builders.

When Belk Builders replaces or upgrades your home’s exterior, we carefully inspect your soffits and recommend replacement of any soffits that are not up to par, or performing to supply proper ventilation. The type of soffit installation we recommend depends on the type of material and the eave construction. We also check local building codes for the amount of ventilation required in your area, as well as the required or suggested application methods. Upscale vinyl is one of the most popular soffit materials. It’s available in a wide range of colors and is also low maintenance.

Portico inner detail S. Charlotte

Notice the interior details of the new S. Charlotte portico.

Why Your Home’s Fascia Is Important:

You would be surprised at the number of homeowners who don’t know what purpose their home’s fascia serves. Fascia is a finish piece mounted on the rafter ends or the top of exterior walls. It not only creates a completed look  on your exterior, it also provides protection from weather and water at the end of the roof. Soffits are pieces under the eaves. They close the gap between the siding or wall and the roof edge. Roof Fascia is a key element to the beauty and integrity of your home.  A professional roofing contractor should always include fascia construction when discussing and giving you and estimate for your roof.  Your home’s fascia in an integral part of your exterior just as soffits and gutters.  Fascia provides maintenance-free protection to the edge of your roof between the shingles and the soffit. Belk Builders offers a wide selection of fascia in low maintenance materials and colors to match or coordinate with your home’s siding.

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

Belk Builders is your complete home exterior company that goes over all the details of your project in detail. From soffit and fascia to new gutters, downspouts and window and door moulding. We offer all-inclusive options for your exterior project, or we can recommend the best time to take care of your finish details in stages to accommodate your budget and lifestyle needs. We also offer additional finishing services, such as custom vinyl board & batten trim replacement, shake siding and shutter installation…all which adds character to your home. If you are ready to learn the true potential of your home’s exterior, contact us at (704) 400-4710 or You can also visit our website today to learn more, or schedule a free estimate. We even offer convenient financing options through GE Capital.

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