South Charlotte angled vinyl siding replacment

South Charlotte angled vinyl siding replacement by Belk Builders.

Fall is the most common time when a variety of animals, birds and insects begin looking at the exterior of your home as their potential new home. What exactly makes your home so appealing? Easy access, sufficient moisture and food are the things that draw these unwanted guests. As the Queen City’s leading home exterior specialists, Belk Builders can help you protect your home while still maintaining its beautiful looks.

One of the first things these mischief makers exploit, are any weak areas your home’s exterior may have due to aging, lack of proper maintenance or damage, thus providing them with easy access. The second aspect that draws a pest’s unwanted attention, is moisture, which typically comes from unrepaired exterior damage. As for food, that can come in several forms, but the most common for our discussion here are other pests. These pesky home invaders are often so determined, that they will use existing holes for entry but can also make their own.

Carpenter bee damage to cedar siding

Carpenter bee damage to cedar siding.

In our area, some of the more common pests we encounter are woodpeckers, carpenter bees, and termites. Woodpeckers damage structures for basically three reasons: 1. searching for insects; 2. creating cavities for nesting and shelter; or 3. marking territory (a common phenomenon called drumming primarily during the months of March/April/May). Homes with quality vinyl or cement fiber cement siding are not prone to woodpecker damage. However, if the fascia boards of your house are made of wood, they may sustain damage from woodpeckers drumming on the wood in which case there will be very small holes in clusters at specific points on the fascia boards. The fascia boards may also become infested with carpenter bees as well.

Carpenter Bees excavate tunnels in wood to make a nest to live in exterior walls and can do serious damage before being detected. This nest-building can damage wood trim, doors, and exterior wood surfaces such as fascia and siding. The tunnels are constructed by the female bee and may be re-used year after year, and extended each year. This tunneling eventually weakens the wood and entrance holes will allow penetration of water and cause wood to rot. It is this excessive moisture which then attracts termites to inflict even more damage.

South Charlotte angled vinyl siding replacment by Belk Builders.

South Charlotte angled vinyl siding replacement by Belk Builders.

The best defense for your home against these pests is for you to schedule regular inspections and maintenance for its exterior. If you discover your siding is aged or damaged, now is definitely the right time to replace your siding with one which will thoroughly protect your home, just like our most recent client in South Charlotte did. The homeowners discovered that their existing cedar siding was receiving damage from woodpeckers AND carpenter bees so they contacted us immediately.

After a thorough inspection of the home’s exterior, the amount of damage we found required the complete replacement of their siding. Wanting to stay with a high quality vinyl material which closely resembled the original siding, we suggested the Mastic Ovation’s Premium Vinyl siding in the color Deep Granite. With enhanced shadow lines and 20 distinct colors to choose from, Ovation vinyl siding is a natural-looking yet low maintenance material which is exceptionally durable and beautiful.

To ensure no further penetration from outside influences, we followed stringent installation procedures that only a professional, highly skilled and experienced home exterior specialist, like Belk Builders can provide. From the pictures you can see that we were able to keep the same “angled” siding look of the home with this complete vinyl siding replacement. Installing siding on angles like these is a much more precise and time-consuming installation…which to an amateur would be quite difficult. Belk Builders pulled it off like a champ!

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

When you hire us, you are hiring a professional contractor, which specializes in providing the highest quality replacement siding and trim to our customers to help minimize possible damage inflicted to your home’s exterior. Contact Belk Builders for a free consultation and learn more about protecting your home from all types of critters through the use of our quality line of exterior siding, window and roofing materials and expert installation. You can reach us at (704) 400-4710 or via email at