Huntersville Vinyl Siding Replacement and Porch Upgrade Project:

Huntersville Vinyl Siding Replacement and Porch Upgrade Project:

Our most recent vinyl siding replacement project took us to Huntersville. The homeowners contacted us for a consultation regarding the replacement of their home’s vinyl siding to revive their home’s façade. As with any project, during our initial consultation we conducted an on-site inspection and evaluation of the home’s existing exterior. It was during this walk-through with the homeowners that they mentioned they were also searching for a builder to update their front porch with low maintenance vinyl materials as well as a more stylish design.

Image their surprise when we told them that not only had they contracted the leading Huntersville siding replacement company, but the premiere complete home exterior company that’s the right choice for exterior renovation projects for homes of all ages and types throughout Huntersville and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of combined custom design and build experience, our team at Belk Builders provides MORE than just windows, roofing and siding replacement. Our extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in the transformations of home exteriors provides peace of mind to our clients too!

Huntersville Vinyl Siding Replacement and Porch Upgrade Project:

Huntersville Vinyl Siding Replacement and Porch Upgrade Project:

Vinyl siding is the most popular siding material today, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, A whopping 1/3 of new homes built over the last several years used vinyl siding, more than any other cladding material. For this project two key factors were the focus for the both the total home vinyl replacement and the renovation of their existing post and beam front porch: updated style and low-maintenance. Beginning with the total home siding replacement, to give the home’s exterior a facelift, the choice of vinyl siding satisfies both criteria. Far different from when it first came out in the 1950s, today’s vinyl siding provides the best of all worlds: durability, affordability, energy efficiency, low-maintenance and beauty.

  • Durability – built to last, it is resistant to rot or insect damage, has the ability to withstand high winds and resist heat, cold and moisture, all while retaining its original appearance and performance capabilities over long periods of time.
  • Affordability – Vinyl provides a designer look with the most budget friendly installation cost when compared to most other siding materials and it takes a lot less time to install.
  • Energy Efficient – Properly and professionally installed vinyl products consume less energy, generate fewer emissions and save more energy than many competitive products. Improperly installed vinyl siding can easily pull off, become damaged, or buckle under heat or stress. If you want your vinyl siding to live up to your expectations, it has to be done properly and by industry standards.
  • Low Maintenance – After installation, vinyl siding is virtually maintenance-free. There is no need for painting, sealing, or caulking adjustments down the road. Insects will not eat vinyl siding. The weather won’t rot, warp or cause vinyl to deteriorate and there isn’t any paint to chip or peel off. The only suggested maintenance is the occasional rinsing with a garden hose and, for tougher spots, a washing with cloth and soap.
  • Beauty – You can customize the style and color of your vinyl siding, but never have to be concerned with upkeep. There are many different vinyl siding styles from which to choose. This makes it convenient to fit any home’s existing architectural theme or update the style of its exterior. Some of the different styles include lap, beaded, board and batten, shakes and even shingles.
Post and finish details of porch upgrade.

Post and finish details of porch upgrade.

We encased the home in the classic beaded vinyl siding for a timeless look and to transform and update the front porch we used ultra low-maintenance AZEK solid vinyl posts in white. We wrapped the beams in a low-maintenance aluminum because it won’t ever rust, tarnish, or degrade like other materials. Its wood-like texture is comprised of a multi-coat baked on finish that doesn’t need painting, it won’t warp, crack or split and it’s termite resistant. All of these features added together produce a product that has exceptional durability and endurance that is highly desirable for exterior projects…easily outperforming wood or vinyl.

The homeowners are thrilled with their Huntersville home’s exterior renovation and front porch upgrade. Not only does the new siding and front porch add tons of curb appeal, they are also both low-maintenance, meaning more time to enjoy their home!

Kent Frerichs Owner Belk Builders

Kent Frerichs, Owner Belk Builders.

Our attention to detail and commitment to true craftsmanship are what makes Belk Builders the right choice for you. Fully licensed and insured, we employ our own carefully selected team specialized in each specific field of renovation, giving you the added peace of mind in knowing your job will be completed right the first time by a local, Charlotte family owned business. We proudly offer quality financing through Synchrony Financial. Contact us at (704) 400-4710 or visit our website today to learn more, or schedule a free estimate, you’ll be glad you did!

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