Roofing Services

Here at Belk Builders, we have a team of highly experienced and trained roofing professionals that can work any type of roofing product, whether it be large and small shingles, wood roofing replacement or new flashing, our team has you covered. Along with skilled technicians, we also offer…
Accent Copper Roofing – Elegant and environmentally friendly, copper roofing is loaded with benefits. This type is recyclable, lightweight, versatile and durable and although the price tag is higher, the benefits are worth it.

Architectural Shingles – Mostly used on steep-roof homes, architectural shingles are a great way to add personality to your home. This type of roofing options is made of asphalt, but is more durable. Additional advantages include resemblance of cedar shakes or slate, but do not require additional support, fire retardance and high wind tolerance.

Flat Rubber – This type is affordable, energy efficient and provides fantastic protection from nature’s elements.

Ridge Vents – This roofing option pays special attention to attic ventilation. Without good ventilation, poor roofing materials can start to deteriorate and allow holes into your home. Ridge vents are installed at the peak of a sloped roof, which allows warm air to come out of the attic and keep the ventilation circulating.